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Welcome to Dating Planet Earth
Dating Planet Earth is a network of online dating sites, currently operating in the UK, Australia and the USA. We also have a presence in other English speaking countries such as South Africa, the Republic of Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.
In Australia, the UK and the USA not only can our members access their local database of singles, but they can also search for and find other single people throughout their own county/state and country.
In these countries we have built up a large portfolio of dating sites, using 'premium' generic  top level domain (TLD) names.
After much research we have found that people using Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc, are likely to enter the 'thing' they are looking for, in this case 'dating' and the area in which they live. For example, someone living in Liverpool wanting to find a dating site, they are likely to search for the words 'dating' and 'Liverpool'. So to attract members from Liverpool we have purchased the TLDs and producing a dedicated dating website for both, each offering a completely different database of local members from which to choose. Clearly, this dramatically increases their chances of finding love.
Our Liverpool member may have searched more widely for a dating site, choosing to search for dating in his/her county, in this case Merseyside. Again we have secured the 'premium' TLDs for example and  producing dating sites for both.
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Portfolio. Our dating portfolio presently consists of circa 700 live 'stand alone' singles websites, each with it's own 'keyword-rich' top level domain name.
UK. In the UK, Dating Planet Earth has in excess of 300 online dating websites. Each has its very own TLD and covers the 4 home nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland e.g.
All the English counties (including the 4 divisions of Yorkshire together with East and West Sussex). The Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isles of Wight and Man, make up the remainder e.g.
Every town/city with a population of 100.000 has at least one site and many smaller places also have coverage including and
We currently have 9 nationwide UK dating websites (non-generic), including 3 'niche' sites covering the Senior, Adult and Country Pursuits dating sectors, meeting the requirements of our clients looking for a more specialist service.
USA. In the USA, we now have 316 dating sites/TLDs covering the entire country, including and for every city/town with a population in excess of 100.000 (285 places), including
Many of the more densely populated cities have more than one site i.e. Chicago, which also has
Australia. In Australia, again we have all the bases covered. Country sites include All 8 states have a dedicated TLD and website e.g. Ausralian towns/cities with a population in excess of 100,000 also have a Dating Planet Earth site including and
Casual Dating. The massively expanding market in internet dating is the casual/adult sector. We at Dating Planet Earth have now fully embraced this, having been a little cautious at first, we quickly realised that this is a service millions of our clients require.
We have circa 100 live casual sites covering 7 countries. Of these, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and the UK are proving to be most successful. Casual dating in the USA has recently been launched and we are very hopeful of similar or even better result there.
Mobile. By the end of 2013 we expect to have each of our sites available in 'mobile' format, making them even easier for our clients to access on the move. During 2013 we will be launching our very own dating application (app), which will be available to download free from the Apple iTune store.
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